Author: women

Tamar Kordzaia, Tbilisi

„I had an innate sense of protest against prohibitions ever since I can remember but I gave it the name “gender based discrimination” only later, when I became a majoritarian MP candidate. Even as a little girl, I realized that my brother was in a

Nino Baidauri, 32, Tbilisi

„Growing up, I was surrounded by women; I was actually brought up by women. The people who have influenced the way I matured were all women. These are the individuals, who stand out in my memory: my mother, grandmother, aunt – my second mother who

Emily, 25, Gagra

„I’ve been a “guerrilla gardener” for about three years. I joined the team in a few months it came into existence and I’ve been an active member since then. I first heard about this movement from a well-publicized incident related to Vake Park. I suddenly discovered -