Author: women

Dada, 30, Tbilisi

„I live with my father in a rented apartment. Dad has a heart disease and he needs 100 GEL worth medications per week. My mother is a migrant to Spain. It so happened that the senior citizen my mom was taking care of, passed away

Keti Mouravidze, 16, Kvemo Alvani

I have lived in Kvemo Alvani for 17 years, the village where a woman is not encouraged to pursue personal development or career growth. It can be felt in every aspect, every issue, stereotypical thinking of people and the attitudes towards a woman’s role and

Mari, 25, Tbilisi

„I identify myself as a queer. Being a queer for me primarily means confronting with heteronormativity, recognizing and realizing that sexual orientation and gender identity is not binary, but a spectrum. Before getting there, I walked a long and difficult road. For a long time I -