Maiko Chitaia

Maiko Chitaia – Gender Researcher and Communications Specialist, is the founder and co-author of the platform `Women of Georgia`. She is actively engaged in the different formal and non-formal groups working for the empowering of women.

Maiko Chitaia is the implementer of different campaigning projects aiming to increase the awareness of Women political participation and women economic empowerment.

Ida Bakhturidze

Ida Bakhturidze – Master in Gender Studies and one of the author of the platform “Women of Georgia”. Ida is a feminist activist and women’s right defender, who is actively engaged in modern feminist activism since 2011.

She has been member of “Independent Group of Feminists” since its foundation. Ida Bakhturidze is also one of the founder and active member of the women activist’s informal community – “Georgian Women’s Movement”.

Nino Gamisonia

Project co-author. She has been working in different organizations on the projects related to Women’s Economic Empowerement and Gender Equality.