Dina Oganova, 28, Tbilisi

„My mother and I spent all summer holidays in Borjomi in my childhood. Most of the time we rented the house of one and the same photographer, who worked and took pictures in the Borjomi Park. I was allowed to do anything in this house,...


Lia Liqokeli, 30, Tbilisi

„I started writing in my childhood. Maybe this was not exactly writing but I wrote poems and I did not hide that. I had never hidden that. I liked and found it interesting when others read them. I stopped writing after I finished school, but...


Tamta Beridze, 19, Batumi

„This year, I enrolled in the Department of International Relations and moved to Tbilisi to study. In my last years at school in Batumi, I contacted some non-governmental organizations, such as Batumi Youth House, the Leader’s Club, the Freedom Center, and started to work as...