Ana, 24, Tbilisi

„I was 12 years old when I realized my sexual orientation. I tried hard to keep it secret. I retired into my shell trying to hide everything. I found that rather hard…I found it hard to realize and find my own self. Although everything seemed...


Christine Maglakelidze, 23, Kutaisi

(A lawyer, who works with a team of scouts to promote micro and small enterprises as part of the state program Enterprise Georgia. Christine is a democracy and education activist). „Discrimination based on gender has been so inherent to our everyday life that society seems to...


Dadu, 38, Tbilisi

"I first realized it at the age of eight or nine, when I discovered that I developed ‘strange’ feelings towards girls. I was a smart child and of course, I started to rationalize it. What is happening and why is it happening to me? I...