Nino Tarkhnishvili, 37, Tbilisi

„Being a reporter is a tough profession. Not only because it requires intellectual abilities and knowledge but because it demands different, sometimes “special”, physical abilities from women. For instance, it is useful if you can run well and do not get easily tired, because you

Lia Ukleba, 42, Kutaisi

"I dreamed about studying in the Arts Academy since childhood, but my family members made me change my mind. The parents used to nag me: “Why would anyone want that?” or “Becoming an artist is useless, you should aim for being a teacher instead!”, and

Magda Kalandadze, Tbilisi

„As a queer activist, most of the time I feel proud and happy; however, frequently, I have equally felt bullied and isolated. Even though the first feeling is predominant, the bullying I’ve suffered is too destructive and being isolated is too disheartening. Being queer means to