Teenage girls

Nitsa Tvauri, 15 years old, Tbilisi

Sports Apart from going to school, I also follow sports and rock climbing in particular. Rock climbing means climbing an artificial wall with different climbing holds attached to it so that they provide various levels of challenge. That's what rock climbing is, in short. We climb...


Tamta Beridze, 19, Batumi

„This year, I enrolled in the Department of International Relations and moved to Tbilisi to study. In my last years at school in Batumi, I contacted some non-governmental organizations, such as Batumi Youth House, the Leader’s Club, the Freedom Center, and started to work as...


Keti Mouravidze, 16, Kvemo Alvani

I have lived in Kvemo Alvani for 17 years, the village where a woman is not encouraged to pursue personal development or career growth. It can be felt in every aspect, every issue, stereotypical thinking of people and the attitudes towards a woman’s role and...