Elene Dariani (Bakradze) 1897-1979 /Poet

Elene Dariani’s personality has been wrapped in mystery in the history of the Georgian literature. 14 poems in the literary works of Paolo Iashvili, a famous Georgian poet, are combined under the name of the ‘Darian cycle’. Therefore, until recently it was thought that these poems describing “female” erotic feelings and love experiences with transformational accuracy were written by Paolo Iashvili. The archive materials discovered later, made it clear, however, that enigmatic Elene Dariani was in fact Elene Bakradze, a real person and a close friend of Tsisperkantselebi (Georgian literary movement).

Source: https://www.facebook.com/50womenfromGeorgia/photos/a.164432727071387.1073741826.164429140405079/164514740396519/?type=3&theater