Nino Tkeshelashvili, 1874-1956

„We, the Georgian women from Tbilisi, the ancient city of Georgia, welcome opening of the assembly of the Russian women.

The glorious names of great Georgian women of the past are a building block of the future for women in Georgia. Our women have never given in slavery and we are not going to sidestep this tradition. We stand together for freedom and cultural development of a woman; we stand beside you” (Magazine “The Woman of Georgia”, 1968, #6)

At the extraordinary session held in the university, social-democrats were electing their delegates. On the list submitted by the assembly chairman, there was not a single woman. Nino Tkeshelashvili suggested five female candidates but her proposal was declined.

‘I am not eloquent, I even avoid public speaking, as our past, our bonded life has rendered us speechless, however you have treated us so unfairly right now that if we remain silent even the stones will cry out. Women look after their families, bring up children for the country, serve the public as much as they can. Have we had few revolutionary women? You could not select one woman to twenty men, is that your justice?!”