Nino Baidauri – project photographer.

By profession, Nino is a social psychologist and human rights sphere is the key area of her interest. She’s a disability rights expert, activist and initiator of the independent movement of women with disabilities. As a freelance translator, she has worked on multiple fictional books, as well as textbooks, mostly in social and political sciences.


​Since 2008, as a photographer, Nino has participated in several group exhibitions. Her works fit into the fine-art and documentary photography genres. Part of them has been featured in several publications and albums in Georgia and abroad.


Currently in partnership with human rights activists/organizations, as well as independently within her own projects, she works on social issues and stories related to the lives of women, people with disabilities, racial, ethnic, religious minorities, etc.

Salome Tsopurashvili- a freelancer photographer.

A co-founding member of photographers group Kaleidoscope. Co-organizer and co-participant of exhibitions Kaleidscope 1 (2015) and Kaleidoscope 2 (2016). A photographer in the social project Women of Georgia (2016-2017). In another life she holds a PhD degree in Gender Studies and teaches at Tbilisi State University on MA program in Gender Studies.

Sopho Aptsiauri – Journalist, Photoreporter

Sopho Aptsiauri has been working for Liberali Magazine since 2012 as journalist and photoreporter; During last 6 years She has been covering women, labor, disability and other social issues;


From 2016 she contributes to “National Geographic Georgia”, as freelancer journalist.