Mariam Kveliashvili, Kutaisi

‘’I graduated from the Economics faculty, but during the studying process, I discovered that actually, I was interested in a completely different field. My father was an amateur photographer. I remember he had a ‘’Zenit’’ brand camera. He took photos and developed them himself in

Keti Tomeishvili, 48 years old, Vani

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Meri Lobzhanidze, 62 years old, Kutaisi

,,If I looked at my life, like it were a movie, two episodes like red lines would stroke my mind, stark and emotional: fireballs launched at our plane escaping Sokhumi, and the doomed scream of a girl mercilessly forced into a car.  I was 18 years old when I left Sokhumi and moved to Kutaisi to study. I loved the technical subjects and -