Ekaterine Tarkhnishvili-Gabashvili

The stories and the challenges that are told by the modern women from Georgia on this page, were in fact first written and talked about by the women living as early as a century ago. Most of you are probably familiar with them – the women who launched women’s movement in Georgia almost a hundred years ago, but we would still like to remind you of them:

Ekaterine Gabashvili

“I was nineteen when I got married and soon was a prolific mother (I had eleven children). My family was rather poor, and I was deprived of any kind of freedom. However, I did not succumb to the fate of the women of my time, which was to be closely tied to and entirely devoted to the family hearth. It took me a lot of struggle but I was strong enough… In the narrow space within the walls which is called being a housewife and which often sucks the soul out of a woman, I dug a peephole wherefrom I constantly listened to and watched the general events and developments in my country. I tried to put two building blocks upon the sacred foundation laid in the second half of the nineteenth century by the best representatives of my country. Two building blocks on the public altar in no much of an offering, but it is better than nothing.”

Photo: from Giorgi Leonidze State Museum of Literature
Source: http://www.feminism-boell.org/…/ekaterine-tarxnishvili-gaba…