Granny Nadia, 94, Znauri/Tserovani

„I have lived here since the war and have not been able to go anywhere. They forced me to leave that area. I was not able to take anything with me. I had a very good life and did not lack anything. I had worked in a farm for 30 years but I was left with nothing. Moreover, I was a Member of Parliament from the district, then they moved me to the region. I do not want to pass away here. If I had an opportunity to go back I would even crawl to my home. My house was burnt down, Ossetians helped me. They did not do anything wrong to me. I wouldn’t wish my experience on anyone.

My spouse passed away here, so we buried him in this area. I got married at the age of 18. I have five children. I loved my husband that’s why I married him. My sister got married in Znauri. I met my husband when I was visiting my sister. We knew and courted each other for 3 years. I was a well-dressed girl and he was a handsome guy either. I did not look as ugly as I look now, I was a cute girl. I married a person I loved but I wish I had a different fate not to end up here. When I married him he was in the army for 4 years and 10 months in Leninakan. I missed my husband but who would have brought him to me from the army?! So I visited him three times myself. I did not lack anything when I was young, but I lack things now, in my old age. I wish I had never gotten married, I would not have had so many things to worry about now. My husband and I lived together for 74 years.

We went through difficulties and built our life to be left with nothing! We live here in this “plywood”. I had a big house and a lot of land plots, vineyards, orchards… I worked with my own hands. I did have everything and did not need to ask for anything. I worked so hard there but now I am nobody.“