Sesili Ghvinjilia, 21, Tbilisi

“Am I different or not? I don’t get such questions. I don’t know what it means to be different. I am an ordinary person just like everyone else. I cry when I listen to Mozart – it reminds me of the happy times I have spent when touring in Batumi and the future where I will be even happier.

My Private Life is the name I’ve given to my diary where I record my dreams. My dreams are those of a 21-year-old girl – about love. I want to have a loving husband, children and be a mother. I have put my biggest dream in my diary a few times and then torn out and discarded. Finally, I still left it there and now I will share it with you.

I have never lived in isolation. I was brought up in a family, surrounded by loving parents and brothers. I have not studied in a special school. I have friends and this is the reason I consider myself a successful person – I act on stage and I’ve performed quite a few roles.

After completing school, I was not give a diploma, just a certificate. They have not yet developed the examination system that would allow me to receive a school diploma and continue studying in the university. The certificate has only allowed me to select a bartending course in a professional college; however, one should always make the best of it and remain optimistic. I will now learn making cocktails and work as a bartender in my own bar.

Did I mention another dream from my diary? I want to open a cocktail bar on a beach where couples will come, drink my trademark tequila with orange juice and grenadine, or come on their own and meet someone they will fall in love with.

Love is all that matters. The women I’ve performed on stage are often tragic, but always in love, like Medea who stole her father’s Golden Fleece but she did it due to her passion for Jason and in the name of love. The amusing princess Darejan who I am performing now, is a woman in love and Luarsab loves her too. Do you know the ending of Ilia’s story? When Darejan died, Luarsab “buried his happiness with her”. So sad, isn’t it?

I am rarely sad. Come to think of it, I am a college student, I’ve become an actor, I am a singer and have a purpose in life. How can I be sad? I am happy.”

(By: Maia Chitaia)